Adapt Your Restaurant for the Pandemic

COVID-19: Save Your Restaurant

Unprecedented events of the past weeks have quickly evolved into the “new normal” with COVID-19. Food services is one of a few business sectors still operating, leaving many restaurants to reinvent themselves on the fly while scrambling to meet the demands of new regulations and a situation that evolves daily.

One thing is clear, the call for curbside pick-up and delivery is now greater than ever, and restaurants offering menus and services to meet this demand have a better chance of staying in business and staying relevant as the market changes

What insiders are seeing

Adapting to this new reality has resulted in some streamlining and creative thinking. Some restaurants are modifying menus to dishes that package well for curbside pickup and delivery orders. Some are reducing menu offerings and re-purposing kitchen staff to make and deliver those orders. Sit-down establishments are adding delivery using existing staff. A spike in demand for delivery drivers has also been reported.

How restaurants are responding

In this new reality, online ordering is a must for a true “no-contact” process, said Todd Burge, FOLOS National Sales Manager. The transaction takes place online without the need to physically exchange cash or cards, he explained.

“Our phones have been ringing off the hook with current customers trying to adapt their businesses to the current situation as well as new customers looking to add online ordering and delivery services.”

What you can do NOW

To help as many restaurants as possible in the critical first weeks of this new reality, FOLOS has brought on additional staff to update menus and bring accounts live and ready to take orders as quickly as possible.

We are waiving our $300 setup fee, allowing new customers to get up and running with online ordering for just $100.  In as little as 24 hours, we can have a restaurant ready to take online orders.

FOLOS is also helping existing customers with marketing campaigns to get the word out about their new curbside and delivery services.

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