FOLOS Launches Integrated Kiosk Solutions for SMB Restaurants

Food Online Ordering Systems Launches Integrated Kiosk Solutions for SMB Restaurants

Small and medium-sized restaurants can benefit greatly from FOLOS’s new labor-saving, line-busting self-serve kiosks.

Denver, CO — In a continued effort to provide smarter, easier, and more efficient ways for customers to order from restaurants, Food Online Ordering Systems(FOLOS) is now launching into the self-ordering kiosk space. Now, SMB restaurants can benefit from innovative technology and 100% automated service even after customers step through their door. These self-service systems are easy to incorporate with traditional ordering systems and offer many benefits to restaurants, coffee shops, and other food service businesses.


line busting kiosk

Though it is a relatively new technology, restaurant kiosks are already a proven asset to many businesses. Over the last few years, major restaurant chains have been adopting self-service kiosks. Last year, McDonald’s announced its decision to roll out kiosks in thousands of stores globally, and the fast food giant is not alone in its decision. They’re certainly not just for major players anymore: self-service systems can be tailored to work for SMB restaurants as well.


FOLOS’s point-of-sale integrated kiosks and tablet ordering systems have several advantages. First of all, they’re an excellent line busting tool. When the restaurant gets busy, a self-ordering system takes a large amount of pressure off of employees. With decreased wait times, the restaurant can take more orders at once without having an excess of employees working at the counter. Kiosks also offer more flexibility when it comes to staffing: instead of having several employees manning the cash, they can be serving restaurant guests in other ways.


Kiosks have the added benefit of potentially improving order accuracy. Since customers will be selecting their own orders with a simple, easy-to-use interface, there’s a smaller potential for miscommunication. All the customer has to do is click on the items they want from the menu. The order is sent directly to the kitchen, allowing customers to get their food quickly in the integrated solution. Self-serving kiosks can even help restaurants sell add-ons and other items to potentially increase the average check size.


With the new kiosk and tablet-based systems, FOLOS maintains the same features that are available with its online ordering systems. FOLOS’s in-house systems, just like its online systems, are customized to the restaurant and branded with its colors, logo, style, and more for a streamlined, aesthetically pleasing experience. They are completely hands-off and automated so that restaurant employees don’t have to worry about managing the kiosk. And, like all of FOLOS’s systems, these kiosks are highly secure to keep customers’ payment information safe. To make it even easier for customers, FOLOS’s kiosks can accept a variety of payment systems.


Hardware by ZIVELO

FOLOS will offer several options for kiosk hardware, including large options like the Advantage and Stellar models offered by Posiflex and smaller, tablet-based systems. Larger standalone units are excellent for quick serve restaurant and fast food chains, while the tabletop tablet systems are popular in coffee shops and other small dining establishments.


Nearly any business in the food industry can benefit from a functional, streamlined, easy-to-use self-service payment system. Interested restaurant owners are encouraged to contact Food Online Ordering Systems to discuss what type of restaurant kiosk, tablet system, or online ordering system is right for them.


About Food Online Ordering Systems

Food Online Ordering Systems, also known as FOLOS, provides quality online ordering solutions for restaurants. These systems can be fully integrated into an existing website or can exist as a standalone website, branded mobile application, or Facebook app. FOLOS works with customers to build a fully-branded, well-designed system with secure payment portals and extra features like maps, loyalty programs, and SMS notifications. FOLOS has recently launched into the SMB self-ordering space with a variety of POS integrated kiosks.


To learn more, visit or connect with Food Online Ordering Systems at or Twitter @Folosinc.