How to Get My Resaturant Online

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Where Do Your Online Orders Come From?

The Restaurant Business Before Online Ordering

The age before online ordering was a messy one.

Do you remember the earlier days of the restaurant business? Calls would come in, orders would stack up, and sometimes, they would even get lost. And it was a “catch up or give up” sort of mentality when it came to finishing orders on time.

But Now, There’s a Better Way!

Thankfully, we don’t have to live in that world anymore. In the digital age, online ordering has come to save the day. It gives customers a fast and easy way to order.

So rather than having tickets piling up in the kitchen, you can have more time to interact with customers and build lasting relationships!

The question is, where do your online orders come from?

The world of online ordering is bringing in big revenue streams for the restaurant industry. In fact, most online orders and restaurant searches come from Google alone (a whopping 53%)!

It just doesn’t make sense to not have a personal online order system for your business. Because if you don’t, then someone else will.

That’s right, there are third party providers out there that are more than happy to reap the profits of your business and stand between you and your customers. They collect a hefty 10-30% per transaction.

That’s money out of your pockets!

Food Online Ordering Systems Will Help You Beat Your Competition!

We help businesses like you cut the middleman out of online ordering. With a personalized online ordering system, you’ll have:

  • A direct flow of customers to your business
  • More traffic to your website
  • Brand promotion
  • An advantage over competitors

And above all else, you get to keep nearly all the profits!

Our services will allow you to retain customers and draw in new customers with a custom online ordering system that fits your brand. We’ve partnered with companies like EPSON and Google to deliver world-class food ordering systems.

We can even create a fully-integrated iPhone and/or Android smartphone app to extend your customer reach and allow customers to easily order from their phones. Here’s why our online ordering system is a great choice for your restaurant:

  1. It’s easy to set up.
  2. It’s designed to work with any in-house POS system.
  3. And, it prints the orders directly to your kitchen.

This is available to you for a low, flat rate that is 60% lower than the current leading online ordering solution.

Take Control of Online Ordering with Food Online Ordering Systems!

Sign up today by calling 855.747.3312 or visit to get a free estimate on what you can be saving using our online ordering calculator.