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Food Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants (FOLOS)

An online ordering, “system-in-a-box,” offered by Food Online Ordering Systems will work at all of your locations regardless of point-of-sale system or processor.  It provides a seamless online ordering experience for your brand across all locations allowing you to take your profits back in one low, fixed-cost, custom solution.

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, a restaurant’s lack of an online presence, much less the lack of an online food ordering system is costing you money. Hungry customers these days do not keep paper delivery menus on hand—fliers go in the trash with the rest of the junk mail.  The easiest way for customers to get in touch with stores is with the press of a button, or the tap of a screen.

Convenience, and quick and easy service is what customers look for. Using our platform, food businesses can easily have beautiful websites and apps that customers can use to choose what they want to eat and have it delivered to them with only a few presses, clicks, or taps.

Pricing and Benefits of Food Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants

Our online food ordering system can stand alone as a website, or can be fully integrated into a restaurant or catering service’s existing website by simply adding an Order Online button. It can also be made available to customers as a branded mobile app for Android, iOS, Windows devices, or even as an app on Facebook. We can help you get to where your customers are.

The power of our service does not end there. Any orders that are approved and paid for by customers using a variety of means can be made to funnel into the computerized system already in place in your kitchen.

Customers do not have to do anything special, and neither do you—we do it all for you. From building the code, and designing the best look using your colors, logo, and photographs of your menu items, to setting up secure payment portals.

In addition to making it easy for customers to choose and buy the food they want to order, we also accommodate restaurant loyalty programs, and can generate maps to allow customers to locate branches quickly. Using our food ordering system, customers can monitor the status of their delivery through SMS notifications, email, or through app notifications.

“The best thing I love about Food Online Ordering Systems is their pricing. We were paying GrubHub and Eat24 almost $500 per month! We saved almost $400 a month and are building our brand – not theirs!”

The competition is charging on average 15% of the sale!  This is outrageous considering most restaurant are making 20-30 cents on the dollar. They are taking more than half your profit!  Our system comes at a fixed rate which falls at about one-third of the cost of the competition. We also do not have a service charge per sale, like other online ordering systems do. While they generally charge 15% of the cost of a sale, we merely charge a fixed flat rate. We also provide premium support for free.

Using our system, online ordering for restaurants has never been easier or more cost-efficient. Our customers have seen close to $1,500-$5,000 in monthly sales by day 90!

We would be happy to give you a free demonstration on how our system works, and talk further on how we can assist you in giving your customers what they want—wonderful food, at a reasonable price, quickly and with as little hassle as possible.


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Top Of The Line Technology

We use the latest technology and industry standards to create your website and online ordering service. Sleek, secure, fast-loading websites are our goal, and we always strive to deliver.

A Variety of Payment Platforms Available

We can work with you to set up several payment platforms that your customers can use, be it PayPal, bank transfers, or your favorite credit card processor. You name it, we can set it up, and make it simple for customers to order from you.

Standalone or Integrate With Existing Point-of-Sale

Some of our customer are using just a cash register – it works in any environment! We make your restaurant online ordering system work with your POS.  We can also integrate existing loyalty programs into your online ordering system.

Real-Time Notifications

Customers need not wonder where their food is, and when it will arrive. Using real-time notifications through SMS, email, or app notifications on mobile, customers get the latest on their deliveries.

Beautiful Interface, Branded Design

We use your restaurant’s colors, logo, and photographs of your food to ensure that your website and online ordering platform are consistent with your standards. We also streamline functionality to make it easy for customers to place an order.  Build your brand – not someone else’s!

No Service Charge Per Sale

Unlike other companies, we do not charge astronomical amounts for our service. When your sales grow you pay the same fixed cost whether you do $3000 or $10000 per month in online sales. Our prices are one-third of the cost of the competition, allowing you to maximize your profit.

Your Customers Under Your Brand

We create websites and online ordering platforms for your benefit, not ours. Customer check out on your website!

100% Mobile Friendly

Whether your customers are using an iOS device, an Android mobile, or a Windows device, they will be able to place an online order at your restaurant. Aside from using your restaurant’s website, customers can install online ordering apps on their mobile and tablets.

Award Winning Quality

Excellent service need not be outrageously expensive. Our packages offer the essentials and valuable add-ons at reasonable prices. See our packages and pricing for more information.

Completely Automated

Everyone in the restaurant can maximize their time serving customers rather than attending to phones, computers emails and faxes. You fill the order when it prints – It’s That Easy!

Loaded With Goodies

Choose your online ordering system a la carte. Keep the great features you need and save your money. We work for you so let us build a package that best suits your business goals.

Stop giving away 10%-20% of your profit and start online ordering the right way.

Design To Brag About

Attracting customers is no easy feat, but a colorful, excellent graphic design can nudge customers into ordering food using your website. Most restaurant online ordering systems do not even use pictures – we do!

Are Your Delivery Drivers Getting Lost?

Using our customized maps, drivers will find locations easier no matter where they are. Apartments, dorms, hotels, we have you covered.

Loaded With Power

Do you have a custom delivery area? We can geocode your delivery radius and even do multiple overlapping franchise locations. Contact us for a demo of our store finder.

Completely Automated

Set it up and forget it. It batches, generates daily reports – built to be completely hands-off. The system handles it all and even let’s you know if there is a problem.

Easy to Use

Less clutter in the kitchen, more deliveries to customers’ doorsteps. If you want to integrate your online ordering system with your kitchen system, we can do it!

Safe, Secure, Tamper-Proof

PCI Compliant – We use the latest technology to keep your customers’ personal information safe. We can also help you create an online payment facility that will make it easier and safer for customers to pay online.

Are You Ready To Get Noticed?

With all the competition we were facing, our food truck business was getting hard hit. However, once we signed up with Food Online Ordering Systems our sales sky rocketed! They knew how to help our fledgling business through their 30-year expertise in the industry. We highly recommend their system and their company as a whole to any business owner who may not be tech savvy but needs the boost in their sales.

Mobile Food Truck Franchise

Working in the food business, we have always been worried about going under in the first year. Our sales shot up by 20% in the past couple of months and we fully attribute this to the online ordering system they installed for us.

Restaurant Start-Up

Our family run pizza business came to life seemingly overnight! It's like magic. The orders just come in!

Sandwich Shop Owner

We don't have to do anything. The orders come in!

Pizza Delivery Restaurant

The best thing I love about Food Online Ordering Systems is their pricing. We were paying GrubHub almost $500 per month! We saved almost $400! In my opinion, every entrepreneur in the food business should contact Food Online Ordering Systems rather than spend exorbitant amounts on other software companies with exorbitant pricing plans.

Was Overpaying for Online Ordering

When it comes to my food business, my largest concern has always been my customers not getting the right order. This could lead to me losing their business. With Food Online Ordering Systems, I can rest assured that there will be no orders missed. And this goes a long way toward customer retention in my business.

Order Accuracy Solved

Best software ever! The flexibility of this software has enabled my business to integrate numerous add-ons that appeal to my clients such as coupons and online discounts. This has made me grow my customer base without much advertising. At the end of the day, Food Online Ordering Systems is best for your bottom line!

Found Online

I can check on the different aspects of my restaurant, edit the menu, and review customer analytics all from the convenience of my wireless device. Undoubtedly the most convenient software for my restaurant business.

Customer Control

I did not expect my new food business to grow as fast as it was. When we started getting overwhelmed by orders, Food Online Ordering Systems helped us streamline the transaction processes and this made it much easier for my staff and me.

$3000 / Month in Online Orders

What I appreciate the most about Food Online Ordering Systems is that they have no hidden costs. Plus their software delivers the results that I viewed in the demo without having to pay for extra plug-ins.

Satisfied Customer