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Why You Need Online Ordering Software for Your Business

Recent research shows that up to 30% of takeaway orders in the food industry are generated through an online ordering system. With the increasing adoption of technology across the globe, such online ordering software systems have now become more of a necessity than a need for every business looking to increase their income. 

Since most people spend a lot of time on the internet, businesses should take advantage of the online ordering software that are now easy to acquire. With such systems, the business will be able to make significant savings on the cost of production of fliers by posting menus online. In this era where people are constantly on the go, easy, quick and convenient services will attract you more customers.

Convenient to customers

The gradual improvements in the world of technology have significantly contributed to the adoption of e-commerce across the globe, and the food industry has not been left behind. Researchers state that 69% of online food orders are made through mobile devices. Your customers will be able to order from the comfort of their homes, in traffic or on the subway from work. Such convenience will attract more clients to buy from you since there is not much hassle.

No frustrations or misunderstandings

When using an online ordering system, there is no time your clients will have to queue or find the “line busy” response that leads to customer frustrations especially during peak hours. The software allows the customer to specify directly the preference of their order; therefore, there will be no rise in the cases of misunderstanding. The online ordering software will leave your customers happier and satisfied.

You are open 24/7

Your physical shop may not be operating across the clock, but the online ordering software will ensure you are available to your clients 24/7. The system allows your customers to place their orders irrespective of the time of day and schedule a later delivery or pick up time. Once you open shop and receive the orders, you will be able to accept them and have them processed.

Managing the menu is simple

It is not only simple to manage an online menu, but it is also cheaper in the long run. You get to save the cost of printing menus as well as have the flexibility of editing the menu as often as you may wish. You can have special offers for different days or decide to test something new for a few days to see the customer’s response. 

It’s easy to attract new customers 

Flyer distributions and classic ads work well but are they worth the effort and cost? However, you should note that Google-Add-Word campaigns or sponsored social media posts will give you the same results as fliers and classic ads but at a low cost. 

Significant savings 

Focusing on implementing online ordering software will minimize the hassle of handling customers who are undecided as well as the time lost by staff in the process. With our food online ordering systems for restaurants, you do not need to make follow up calls to customers since the order acceptance is sent to the customer in real time. 

Should you have any enquiries or need a demonstration of how our online ordering software works, feel free to call our toll free line for bookings.