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POS and processing companies know that they are operating in a market that is overwhelming saturated with literally thousands of very basic, cost-driven service providers. It’s probably one of the most competitive industries anywhere, which is why having added value can make or break your success. In most cases, once you mention the words ‘credit card processing’ or ‘POS’, the objections from restaurants rain down as you are escorted out the door!  Why not start the conversation with an easier solution focused more on profits and growing the business?  Online ordering is your ticket to more closed business, and it’s a hot topic with most players in the fast casual space.

Food Online Ordering Systems offers a turn-key online ordering reseller program for approved vendors to easily add online ordering as part of your total service package.  Customers will take notice and be much more willing to have a conversation around profits and growing the business with more orders. Food Online Ordering Systems works as a “gateway sale” – enabling customers to sign up with you for payment processing and online ordering in one swift move, saving them the hassle of managing multiple vendors.  Once a restaurant sees the value of a streamlined online ordering system coupled with your suite of reliable, affordable POS and processing services, they’ll be your customer for life. You can also secure counter sales or POS business when the contract is up, because you’re already in the door!

Here are some talking points along with a video to get you started:

Food Online Ordering The Right Way

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A Case of Stolen Identity

Ok, pop quiz.

Whose website should a customer be using when they want to place an order online: A – a website run and hosted by the restaurant, or B – a micro-website built by a third-party that takes traffic from their main website? The correct answer is A, and the reasons for this are plenty.

First, when a restaurant wants to enable customers to order online, participate in loyalty programs, special offers or feedback surveys, they want to keep that interaction as close to home as possible in order to make that customer experience the best it can possibly be. Building long-term customer loyalty requires that the customer is provided with a consistent, comfortable way to interact with the restaurant. Having that interaction owned by a third-party or multiple third parties spells danger for long-term profits.

As a POS provider, you can now approach your customer with a new incentive to do business with you: native, customer-owned web traffic that stays with them, not with a service provider. With Food Online Ordering Systems, a restaurant takes complete control of their web traffic.  The also reap several SEO benefits from an in-house online ordering system that is completely branded to them.  The more time that the end customer spends using the restaurant’s own website and integrated online ordering system architecture from Food Online Ordering Systems, the better positioned the business is for success. Many predatory online ordering companies are more concerned with taking this web traffic away from the restaurants, all the while charging 10% – 25% of every order that they process! Some of these vendors even go so far as creating a micro-website for the restaurant that, again, steals their web traffic and their customers.

Flat-Fee Online Ordering: The New Alternative

Today, if a restaurant doesn’t have a way to attract customers online and to enable them to place their orders online, then they’re missing out on huge profits. For POS companies that truly want to enable their customers to transact more business – consistently, quickly, and while building customer loyalty – integrating a web-enabled ordering system is critical. There are turn-key online ordering solutions out there that will provide a quick fix, but the vast majority of them are commission-based. Their fees quickly add up, making their services completely cost-prohibitive. This is especially the case in an industry that operates on ultra-thin profit margins. Putting yourself in the shoes of a restaurant owner, would you be willing to fork over 10%-25% or more of each sale, just so your customers could do business with you online?

…probably not.

The Better Way

You can offer your customers in a FULLY customizable and integrated, turn-key online ordering system that is fully branded to the restaurant.  It can be integrated with many POS systems and will work with just about any processor.  As a POS or processing provider you can add this product to your portfolio, add value for your customers, and make a residual commission on BOTH sales.  The best part is that your customers will not be forced to pay hefty commissions to predatory online ordering companies.  The simplicity of the solution provided by Food Online Ordering Systems is what makes it so unique, but the real advantage is in the price: it’s a flat rate! And in a world of commission-based online ordering services, this is very big news.

What does this mean for the average restaurant, operating on already-thin profit margins? It means:

  • The restaurant maintains complete ownership of the customer experience and their web presence (no microsites hosted on a third-party website).
  • The solution is 100% restaurant-branded.
  • Customer data is accessible by the restaurant and is not shared with anyone.
  • Everyone involved in order fulfillment has complete transparency into each order, including its timestamp, delivery address (if applicable) and detailed customer information that prints instantly.
  • As menus and specials change, so do the order options presented to the online customer.
  • Solution provides enhanced web presence and traffic for the restaurant.

Show your customers how the combination of flat-fee service and SEO advantages can help to propel them to a new level of doing business online.

About Food Online Ordering Systems

A fixed cost provider of custom online ordering solutions for restaurants, Food Online Ordering Systems can stand alone next to any point of sale system or be fully integrated. It is completely white label so it is your branding that your customers see. It can also be made available to customers as a branded mobile app for Android, iOS, Windows devices, or as an app on Facebook. The company can help build the code and design the best look working with the restaurant’s colors, logo, and photographs of its menu items and help set up secure payment portals. They also accommodate restaurant loyalty programs and can generate maps to allow customers to locate branches quickly. Food Online Ordering Systems will build and design a custom solution tailored to your restaurant.

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