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Our goal is your success and we guarantee results. We bring affordable restaurant online ordering systems to restaurants all over the country. One location or 50+ locations, we have you covered. You can now compete with the big chains and stop leaving money on the table.

About Food Online Ordering Systems

At Food Online Ordering Restaurant Systems we have a combined experience of 30 years in the food industry and restaurant technology. We are innovators that believe small to medium restaurant brands should have access to the same tools and technologies as large national restaurant brands.  We bring affordable customizable online ordering and kiosk solutions to franchises big and small without the giant price tag.  Our team is made up of a wealth of talent ranging from designers, developers and other professionals whose common thread is their passion for technology in the food business. You can rest assured that our team will strive to make your business as streamlined as possible for your convenience so you can focus on smiling customers!

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With FOLOS you do not have to go through the headache of upgrading your system or purchasing extra add-ons.  Pricing is simple and our software is automated to work well in any environment.  FOLOS can run integrated or standalone alongside your POS.

Completely Automated: There are NO additional tablets, computers, or anything else to complicate your day. The order prints and you fill the order – It’s That Easy!

Working in the food business, we have always been worried about going under in the first year. Our sales shot up by 20% in the past couple of months and we fully attribute this to the online ordering system they installed for us.

Restaurant Start-Up

Our family run pizza business came to life seemingly overnight! It's like magic. The orders just come in!

Sandwich Shop Owner

The best thing I love about Food Online Ordering Systems is their pricing. We were paying GrubHub almost $500 per month! We saved almost $400! In my opinion, every entrepreneur in the food business should contact Food Online Ordering Systems!

Was Overpaying for Online Ordering

When it comes to my food business, my largest concern has always been my customers not getting the right order. This could lead to me losing their business. With Food Online Ordering Systems, I can rest assured that there will be no orders missed. And this goes a long way toward customer retention in my business.

Order Accuracy Solved

Best software ever! The flexibility of this software has enabled my business to integrate numerous add-ons that appeal to my clients such as coupons and online discounts. This has made me grow my customer base without much advertising. At the end of the day, Food Online Ordering Systems is best for your bottom line!

Found Online

I can check on the different aspects of my restaurant, edit the menu, and review customer analytics all from my phone. This is great restaurant software!

Customer Control

I did not expect my new food business to grow as fast as it was. When we started getting overwhelmed by orders, Food Online Ordering Systems helped us streamline the ordering processes and this made it much easier for my staff and me.

$3000 / Month in Online Orders